LIPER is a global manufacturer of LED commercial lighting, indoor and outdoor lighting, providing the best quality and advanced lighting systems for industry and the private sector.Quality is our first priority. If necessary, we can provide you with special customized lighting products.We are looking forward to your participation!

Scenario Analysis

Analyze existing lighting fixtures and develop new sustainable lighting solutions

Quality Of Service

After the LIPER product is put into use, our work is not finished. We will provide remote monitoring, maintenance and relevant after-sales service in the future.

Product Development

From the product appearance design, lamp structure system debugging, light application concept application, for you to solve the various problems encountered in the practical application.

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By officially reaching a strategic partnership on December 2015 upon signing of a strategic cooperation agreement between top leaders of the German company and representatives of its Chinese counterpart in Germany, Germany Liper Electric Co., Ltd and Zhejiang Liper Lighting Technology Co., Ltd have conducted all-round cooperation to marke a new stage of Liper’s development. An aircraft carrier in the international lighting industry is about to take off......

We will fully integrate the German superior industrial technologies and German spirits to achieve excellence in performance and sustainable development, so as to provide world first-class integrated lighting solutions for the global commercial lighting, indoor lighting and outdoor lighting. It is not only an extension of the strategic layout of the two sides, but the new cooperation pattern and strategy will bring a far-reaching impact on the LED lighting industry.

After years of development, Liper now has grown into a global lighting enterprise engaged in product R & D, production and sales. The company currently employs more than 2000 people and attaches great importance to the establishment of high-quality talent team with great efforts made to introduce and cultivate talents of science and technology, under the “people-oriented” development philosophy. By widely introducing a full set of advanced technologies and equipment from Germany, setting up a state-level R & D center and laboratory, and putting business under management of the professional team, the company has exported its products to markets throughout the world with subsidiaries and offices in Europe, the Middle East, South America, Southeast Asia, Africa and other regions.

Based on business cooperation, Liper will fully integrate their professional advantages in production management and technology for cooperation in R & D and products as well as in the fields of marketing, channels and sales, so that Liper will grow into a global lighting company as the leader brand in Chinese lighting industry.

In shaping an international brand, Liper workers are still committed to promoting new views of green, harmonious, energy saving and low-carbon life to create a better light environment for the world and light up the life every day!

Liper make the world more energy saving!